5 Ideas for Small Kitchens

We at CJC Interiors have been designing kitchens in Leicester of all sizes for over 30 years. A common problem that some of our customers have is a small kitchen. They believe that having a small kitchen means that they cannot do much with it and there is no room. However, our experience has taught us some tips and tricks that help make the most of your space which we have compiled into a handy guide.

1) Wall mounted storage

A great way to make use of your walls is to install some shelves, hooks and bars onto them. By using S-shaped hooks, you can hook up some of your kitchen tools such as pots and pans. Also, possibly install a magnetic strip for your knives instead of using a knife block that can take up unnecessary space on your counter.

2) Pull out pantry

If you don’t have a room that you can use as a pantry, you could install a pullout pantry. It can be installed in one of the tighter areas in your kitchen such as the space between the fridge and the wall. A pullout pantry is a great place to store your spices, condiments and wine bottle without taking up space in your cupboards.

3) Use the colour white and add mirrors

A kitchen that is all white creates an illusion of spaciousness and seamless blends in with the walls and floor. However, an all-white kitchen may not be ideal for some, so mix in different shades such as ivory and creams which creates the same effect. Another benefit of white is that it goes with everything! So you don’t have to worry about any clashes.

4) Minimalist hardware

The small things really do make a big difference. By removing bulky handles and knobs, it adds a sleeker look to your kitchen. Also an option that may not be ideal for all is to remove the door. Removing the door is an effective yet easy way to make the room look like there is much more space. Choose appliances of a sizes that are suitable for your kitchen, large cookers and fridges take up unnecessary space.

5) Mirrors and glass doors

Mirrors can help make the room look twice the size, so it can be a good idea to use mirrors as backsplashes. This will help reflect the light and the view, making the space look more open. Glass cupboards doors lead the eyes into the depth of the cupboards as well as giving it a lighter look.

Using these tips and tricks we hope that we have opened your eyes to possibilities for your kitchen, and with our help we can find even more solutions catered to you.

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