5 Movies to inspire you in the kitchen

As the leading kitchens companies in Leicester, movies have an been inspiration to all in some way, like dance movies encourage you to start dancing, and likewise films in relation to food and cooking may inspire you in the kitchen to work your magic, which you may not know you have! Here’s our top 5 films which we think have inspired us to cook and build a kitchen worthy of it.

  • Julie & Julia – this feel inspires the inner chef within you. Julie & Julia is about how Julie Powell, a blogger, accepts the challenge of Julia Child, of cooking every single recipe from her first cookbook. Based on a memoir from the blogger, this film makes us wonder how Julie cooked 527 recipes in her tiny kitchen, showing no matter what your kitchen is like, you can cook as much as you like!
  • Ratatouille – making a film about a rat being a top chef isn’t something normal, but this Pixar film goes to show that if a rat can cook, I’m sure we can cook as well! This critically acclaimed film showed how a rat climbed his way up to the top, with the help of the beloved garbage boy to cook of course. This film inspires people to get and start cooking, and with our help, you can get a kitchen to match!
  • Chef (2014) – this film makes us believe that no matter what the kitchen is, a cook can whip up anything almost anywhere. After being fired, a top chef tries to reignite his career by creating Cuban sandwiches in a food truck. This film reignites our hope and faith in our skills in cooking, although we would prefer cooking in an upscale restaurant over a food truck! However this film shows that no matter what your kitchen style maybe, the food can still be of a 5 star quality.
  • Super Size Me – this film made you think twice about that McDonalds you have been craving. A documentary shows the director, Morgan Spurlock, just having a diet consisting of fast food, particularly McDonalds, for a whole month, showing the harsh effects of such a diet. This film inspires you to stay in and cook a hearty healthy meal over quickly nipping to the nearest take out place, encouraging that healthy cooking in your homely kitchen is the way forward.
  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi – Based on passion and dedication, this film will remind you the extent some people will go to to present the best food that’s possible for them. This film explores the best sushi chef Jiro Ono, and how he runs his acclaimed sushi bar in a subway shop in Tokyo with his son. With his passion and drive being shown throughout, this film encourages for us to get into the kitchen and whip up something with passion!

These films to us inspire us to go and cook something that would be applause worthy, in of course, our kitchens. No matter what size or type of kitchen you have, the love and effort put into the food made is what will be seen. If you want a kitchen to match your style of food, we are here to help and will guide you every step of the way.

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