6 Kitchen Fitting Mistakes to Avoid

Although the general design of your kitchen is very important but the fitting of the kitchen is just as crucial. If your kitchen has not been fitted correctly, then the finish will not look as sleek and tidy. CJC Interiors have been creating kitchens in Leicester and across Leicestershire for many, many years. Our experience has taught us what minor mistakes can make or break your kitchen. If you make sure to get these right, you kitchen will look exceptional.

1) Gaps

If you haven’t measured your kitchen properly, checked for uneven angles or forgot about the strips and fillers, you’ll be left with gaps around your kitchen. This gives it an unprofessional finish and ruin the overall look.

2) Uneven worktops and units

As time-consuming and frustrating as it can be, it is very important to check that levels around your kitchen. A spirit level is your best friend when measuring your kitchen, it ensures that everything is level and all unit are in line with each other. If not checked, once the kitchen is fully fitted, you will notice it and it will drive you mad.

3) Not enough space

Make sure you have the space to open and close your cupboards and drawers without any time of obstruction. Although this is more to do with the design and installation part, it can be covered during the fitting stage.

4) Unprepared walls and floors

Refurbishing your kitchen is not as easy as just taking everything out and then replacing it with new stuff. Use this opportunity to repairs any issues you have with your walls, ceiling and floors, you will not get a chance like this until the next time you do your kitchen.

5) Not measuring properly

Accuracy is key when it comes to fitting a new kitchen. Measure and measure again, and then measure again! You can never be too cautious in getting the figures right. We would recommend using millimetres for a greater accuracy.

6) Incorrect order

Planning out the order in which the kitchen will be built is very important. For example, if you were to fit in the units before the electricals, you would end up with a serious problem of trying to work around the units or having to take them back out. You may want to consult professional kitchen fitter such as CJC Interiors who can provide you with expert advice on how it should be planned out.

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