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7 Things to Consider Before Designing your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house and it needs to be suited around your lifestyle and family. It is important to take this into account during the planning stage as it can cause a problem in the future. We at CJC Interiors have been providing kitchens in Leicestershire for long enough to know how essential is it to do this as you may end up hating the kitchen you have spent a lot of money on. Here are 7 essential things that you should asking yourself beforehand.

  • Use of the kitchen – Take note of how your family uses your kitchen at the moment, see how everyone like to sit and what they like to do in kitchen. Is it somewhere that you gathering on a regular basis? Or is it somewhere where you only use for cooking.
  • Messiness – The way you cook and clean your kitchen is something you should definitely take into account. For example, it would not be sensible to have a sink right in the centre of an island if it is going to be overflowing with dishes often. You would need a bigger space and maybe space for a dishwasher.
  • Most used area – Note what areas you use the most in the kitchen so you then are able to plan where to put in your task lighting.
  • Mornings – A well planned out kitchen makes mornings feel much easier. Consider what essentials you need you to make run more smoothly and what would slow you down.
  • Workspace – If you cook by yourself you do not need a lot of workspace, however, if you are the type of cook that leaves everything all over the space or have lots of people cooking together, you need to think about where you would want the extra space. You can never have too much worktop space
  • Social gatherings – How often do you have friends or family over for dinner? Do you and your family cook together? If so, then an open plan kitchen may be the best option for you. Islands are great to keep an eye on the kids and encourage socialising.
  • Appliances, utensils etc. – Some homes are full of all types of gadgets, pots and pans and appliances. If you have a home like this, then you are going to need a lot of storage space to keep all of these organised. The storage space will stop your kitchen from looking cluttered.

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