9 Finishing Touches to Make Your Kitchen Complete

You have put months of time and effort into planning your kitchen, the most part has been completed. The worktops and units have all been fitted however your kitchen is not complete until those small, time-consuming jobs have been completed. If you leave these finishing touches or rush them, your hard work to create your perfect kitchen will be wasted. These are just 9 small finishes touches that are essential to making your kitchen look perfect.

Handles and knobs – Although it may seem like a small thing to worry about, choosing the correct handles and knobs for your cupboards and drawers can make a big difference. Take your time to pick ones that match the look of your kitchen and blend in.

Sockets and switches – Call a professional to install your sockets and switches in neatly and tidily, making sure to have them in place you will definitely need them such as near worktops.

Blinds and curtains – Carefully measure your window before you order any blinds or window coverings, they are a key part of the finished look so choose wisely.

Filler pieces – If your walls are slightly even then you may have some gaps in your kitchen. An easy solution is to use filler pieces. Use a professional kitchen fitter for this to ensure they piece fit in perfectly and discretely.

Grouting – Tiling is the one of the most time-consuming tasks in the kitchen, however, grouting is also absorbing but equally as important. Ideally, the lines will be clean and neat, and the tiles cleaned off afterwards.

Splashbacks – Splashbacks are crucial however are usually forgotten when tiling the walls. It can be a focal point of your room and is important for the area you do most of the cooking.

Sealing – Be careful when doing the sealing around your sink and other areas, messy sealing can make your fittings and fixtures look bad and in the future and is more likely to peel away.

Plinths, cornices and pelmets – These are small touches that are affordable ways to make your cupboards and units look classier and look like they fit better. It can be easy to forget and some think they are not important however we strongly suggest to include them.

Cover panels – An easy way to make your units look like they have a more professional finish is to add cover panels which match with the unit door and drawer fronts.

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