How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Cupboards?

Kitchen cupboards are usually chosen depending on the budget you have available. It is very easy to opt for a lower quality material however it is vital to consider the durability and the purpose of them too. We at CJC Interiors have created a quick guide to help you consider the different aspects of your kitchen cupboards.

The Style

Kitchen cupboards need to fit in with the theme of the rest of your kitchen, so deciding on whether you would like a more traditional kitchen, a contemporary kitchen or something completely bespoke would be the first step. Creating a bespoke design for your kitchen cupboards can be advantageous as it would be specifically unique for you rather than something generic and ‘off the peg’. However, choosing traditional cupboards gives your kitchen a vintage look and feel.

The Carcass

The carcass of the kitchen cupboards can be neglected and forgotten about, majority of the focus is on the outside. We believe the carcass is the foundation of any kitchen cupboard. Although it is not seen, the strength and endurance of the carcass is essential. Which is why all of our base carcasses for wall and tall units use a 18mm back, which ultimately makes them tougher.

The Finish

The finish for your kitchen cupboard is important as it can have an impact of on the level of maintenance, the longevity and durability. There are a range of different finishes you can choose from such as foil and vinyl, veneer, laminate or lacquer. Veneer finishes are a great way to get the expensive look of timber without the heavy price whereas vinyl wrap doors can replicate almost every finish onto a door. Ask a professional like ourselves if you are unsure on what finish would be best for you.

CJC Interiors have 30 years of experience building and designing kitchens in Leicester and the Midlands. We understand that you may have unlimited ideas or be confused on what would look best. Come in store or one of our team members can visit you to discuss your ideas and thoughts for the best kitchen cupboards to suit your space and theme.

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Why choose a Bespoke Kitchen?

A kitchen is not something that you purchase every day, every month or every year for that matter. Majority of people probably remodel and renovate their kitchen once or twice in the whole time that they live in the particular home. Hence, when you do decide to remodel, you want a kitchen to last you for as long as possible. Bespoke kitchens are great way to ensure this and it is designed and created to your needs and requirements. As one of the leading bespoke kitchen companies in Leicester, we reveal why you should choose a bespoke kitchen?

With pre-build kitchen there may be aspects that you love however are unhappy with the material. With the variety of materials available such as granite, wood and composite, you are able to pick and choose exactly what you want without compromise. All of the materials we use at CJC Interiors are of the highest quality, guaranteed to last you and withstand the daily use.

The great thing about bespoke kitchens is the ability to fit around any shapes and awkward obstructions you may have. Very few kitchens are of a perfect quadrilateral shape, varying in many different sizes making it hard to pick a pre-built exactly within your space. By designing a bespoke kitchen, every inch of your space can be used to its maximum! All worktops, cupboards and fittings will be made to measure to be seamlessly fit in your space. Common obstacles include boilers, hatches, windows, uneven walls just to name a few. A bespoke kitchen work around there and can also be hidden within your storage.

When you look at your kitchen with all the current fittings and appliances, it is very hard to imagine where things could go because you are unable to see just much space you have. By designing your kitchen as completely empty space, you’ll be shocked at just how much you could do with it. We can advise you on how to maximise this space even further, adding in extra storage possibilities and modern features.

At CJC Interiors we can help you for the entire process, using 3D software to design your perfect kitchen to installing it bring your space to life. Our team of professionals deliver quality results as well as high customer service.

Why choose a Traditional Kitchen Design?

When many people think of a traditionally designed kitchen, they think of oak or generally wooden cupboards, however there are a broad variety of styles and material available than can also be used. You are able to create a traditional kitchen without being restricted to only wood materials. Traditional kitchens can cleverly incorporate modern details without losing the overall theme.

Traditional kitchens are not only enduring; they are built to last you a lifetime. They use a lot of hardwood material that are durable and strong as well as beautiful to look at. Using the best quality materials and tools, traditional kitchens last an extremely long time and age well over time. Many think that traditional kitchens only use pale, boring colours, making them look bland and unappealing. However, these types of kitchens look beautiful in both neutral colours in both dark and pale hues.

The purpose of every kitchen is to provide a space to prepare food and provide sufficient storage for plates, cutlery, appliance etc. Traditional kitchens cater to these extremely well as they include ample amounts of space for storage and have tend to use worktops of low maintenance, which can be easily cleaned. A lot of more modern and contemporary kitchen used materials such as glass for the worktops and cupboards. Traditional kitchens are more family and children friendly as glass is very rarely used.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. Family and friends can gather here to spend quality time relaxing and dining, and therefore should not be neglected. Traditional kitchens never lose their appeal and they look beautiful in any type of home. They are not restricted to homes that already have a traditional style. Incorporating a traditional kitchen within a modern home adds to the appeal making it stand out and making it a place you want to spend time in. CJC Interiors can help you bring the traditional kitchen you hope for to life, give us a call today!

How to Measure your Kitchen?

Remodelling your kitchen can be an exciting yet frustrating task, being able to design it exactly to your wants and needs while worrying about measurements and fitting everything in. We have created a simple guide to help you to measure out your kitchen ensuring your new remodelled bespoke kitchen fits perfectly within the space.

  1. Sketch the space

Firstly, create a rough sketch of the space that you have available. This does not need to be to scale, however draw a large enough space so that you are able to mark out the other aspects of your kitchen. Mark where your doors and windows are, making sure to sketch the direction that the door swings open.

  1. Mark your zones

Note down specific areas you would like such as a breakfast bar, dining area, worktops etc. If you know where you want to have certain appliances, jot these down either on the sketch directly or by labelling the area and having a list for corresponding numbers. This will give you more space within the sketch without it becoming cluttered and messy to look back on.

  1. Obstructions and added extras

This is where to begin going into the details of your kitchen. Start by drawing in any obstructions such as pipes, radiators etc. that you do not want to move or those cannot be moved. Note existing electrical sockets, switches, gas and water connections, remember these can be moved to suit the new arrangement you desire. Now mark where you would like to add the new sockets and connections. It may be useful to make a side notes of where you would like lighting e.g. over the dining area, spotlights through the main kitchen area.

  1. Measurements

You need to be meticulous when taking the measurements for your kitchen as it could lead to future disasters when trying to fit in appliances and worktops. Break down each of the different sectors of your sketch then go through each sector measuring the different parts of it. Don’t forget to measure the outline of your sketch so you have an idea of the space you have to work with in total, taking into account the windows on the walls. After taking all measurements, measure them again! There is no harm in double checking your measurements.

Get your dream kitchen in Leicester today with CJC Interiors.

Contemporary Kitchen or Traditional Kitchen Design?

Contemporary and Traditional Kitchens are very different styles. A contemporary kitchen can be a real work of art with sharp lines and block shapes. They look stylish and trendy yet are very effective. On the other hand, traditional kitchens are timeless. They add a warm, homely feel with natural shapes and curves.

So which kitchen would be best for you? There are many factors that go into picking your theme, personal taste, budget, the style of the home etc. just to name a few. Visiting showrooms and looking through brochures are a good way to see what is available to you. We recommend to sit down and list ideas, thoughts and importantly budget! Once you have complied a list of aspects you need, want and can compromise, you’re ready to design your kitchen.

Both traditional and contemporary kitchens can come in a variety of colours and designs. A contemporary kitchen tends to use bolder, striking colours possibly with patterns whereas traditional kitchen tends to be plain with neutral colours, both of pale or darker shades.

A contemporary kitchen is ideal if you would like need a lot of storage as they are built to maximise the usage of the space available. They provide a sleek, simple look yet being effective with smart appliances arranged in a tidy way. Contemporary kitchens lack open shelving and panelled cupboard doors, hiding plates and appliances behind smooth storage cupboards. Texture, style and colour can be cleverly fused together to create an exclusive, unique kitchen just for you

On the other hand, traditional kitchens have a wooden look, similar pale colours throughout the kitchen. A key piece in traditional kitchens in the cooker, usually a gas hob. However, you could also use an induction cooking as it is easier to clean. These types of kitchens are built to last, overtime the look does not wear out. If anything, time ages the kitchen well, adding to the traditional look.

If you like aspects of both types of kitchens, why not create a kitchen that mixes the two? Using modern worktops and accessorises with an overall traditional look gives you the best of both worlds. The kitchen is the most important room in many homes, a place where you can congregate with friends and family to eat food and enjoy each other’s company. Our team of specialists are available to discuss with you what we would recommend around your wants and needs combined with our expert advice. Visit us in store or call to arrange a visit with one of our team members