How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Cupboards?

Kitchen cupboards are usually chosen depending on the budget you have available. It is very easy to opt for a lower quality material however it is vital to consider the durability and the purpose of them too. We at CJC Interiors have created a quick guide to help you consider the different aspects of your kitchen cupboards.

The Style

Kitchen cupboards need to fit in with the theme of the rest of your kitchen, so deciding on whether you would like a more traditional kitchen, a contemporary kitchen or something completely bespoke would be the first step. Creating a bespoke design for your kitchen cupboards can be advantageous as it would be specifically unique for you rather than something generic and ‘off the peg’. However, choosing traditional cupboards gives your kitchen a vintage look and feel.

The Carcass

The carcass of the kitchen cupboards can be neglected and forgotten about, majority of the focus is on the outside. We believe the carcass is the foundation of any kitchen cupboard. Although it is not seen, the strength and endurance of the carcass is essential. Which is why all of our base carcasses for wall and tall units use a 18mm back, which ultimately makes them tougher.

The Finish

The finish for your kitchen cupboard is important as it can have an impact of on the level of maintenance, the longevity and durability. There are a range of different finishes you can choose from such as foil and vinyl, veneer, laminate or lacquer. Veneer finishes are a great way to get the expensive look of timber without the heavy price whereas vinyl wrap doors can replicate almost every finish onto a door. Ask a professional like ourselves if you are unsure on what finish would be best for you.

CJC Interiors have 30 years of experience building and designing kitchens in Leicester and the Midlands. We understand that you may have unlimited ideas or be confused on what would look best. Come in store or one of our team members can visit you to discuss your ideas and thoughts for the best kitchen cupboards to suit your space and theme.

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