Contemporary Kitchen or Traditional Kitchen Design?

Contemporary and Traditional Kitchens are very different styles. A contemporary kitchen can be a real work of art with sharp lines and block shapes. They look stylish and trendy yet are very effective. On the other hand, traditional kitchens are timeless. They add a warm, homely feel with natural shapes and curves.

So which kitchen would be best for you? There are many factors that go into picking your theme, personal taste, budget, the style of the home etc. just to name a few. Visiting showrooms and looking through brochures are a good way to see what is available to you. We recommend to sit down and list ideas, thoughts and importantly budget! Once you have complied a list of aspects you need, want and can compromise, you’re ready to design your kitchen.

Both traditional and contemporary kitchens can come in a variety of colours and designs. A contemporary kitchen tends to use bolder, striking colours possibly with patterns whereas traditional kitchen tends to be plain with neutral colours, both of pale or darker shades.

A contemporary kitchen is ideal if you would like need a lot of storage as they are built to maximise the usage of the space available. They provide a sleek, simple look yet being effective with smart appliances arranged in a tidy way. Contemporary kitchens lack open shelving and panelled cupboard doors, hiding plates and appliances behind smooth storage cupboards. Texture, style and colour can be cleverly fused together to create an exclusive, unique kitchen just for you

On the other hand, traditional kitchens have a wooden look, similar pale colours throughout the kitchen. A key piece in traditional kitchens in the cooker, usually a gas hob. However, you could also use an induction cooking as it is easier to clean. These types of kitchens are built to last, overtime the look does not wear out. If anything, time ages the kitchen well, adding to the traditional look.

If you like aspects of both types of kitchens, why not create a kitchen that mixes the two? Using modern worktops and accessorises with an overall traditional look gives you the best of both worlds. The kitchen is the most important room in many homes, a place where you can congregate with friends and family to eat food and enjoy each other’s company. Our team of specialists are available to discuss with you what we would recommend around your wants and needs combined with our expert advice. Visit us in store or call to arrange a visit with one of our team members

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