Greatest Cookbooks to use in your Kitchen

Cookbooks have been around for since the 1st Century and have since been a kitchen necessity. As one of the top kitchen companies in Leicester, we know just how important it can be to have the perfect cookbook for your kitchen. It can inspire you to try new recipes and ingredients, and also be a great way to pass the time. Here are some cookbooks that we believe are a must for any kitchen.

  • Real Food by Nigel Slater – This is a classic guide to comfort foods. It was originally accompanied by his TV show with the same name in the 90s. Nigel uses ingredients that we have all heard of, using techniques everyone is aware of. It is a straightforward book that makes you excited about cooking, not making it seem like a chore.
  • The Naked Chef by Jamie Oliver – The Naked Chef was Jamie Oliver’s first book, becoming an instant hit with all as well as giving him the nickname. The great thing about this cookbook is that the recipes are timeless and the recipes are easy to make. The book includes plenty of tips and tricks to help you along the way. Jamie encourages experimenting, allowing you to add your own spin and preferences along the way.
  • Summer Cooking by Elizabeth David – Although this is an older book, the 50s to be exact, it is a well-known classic. Elizabeth David travelled all over the world and created a range of books, Summer Cooking being one of them. It includes a range of chapters from soups to sauces, all perfect for the summer weather.
  • Delia’s Complete How to Cook by Delia Smith – This cookbook is great for both amateurs and for whizzes in the kitchen. It is an all-inclusive guide of recipes, techniques and kitchen protocol. As the book progresses, it becomes more and more challenging, from making simple eggs through to smocked haddock with crème fraiche. It is a simple book to follow through and although it was first released nearly 20 years ago, the tone of the book makes it great to follow through recipes.
  • Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan – With 300 recipes to choose from, this cookbook is must have for all baking lovers. Not only are there many desserts to choose from, but is also cover baked goods such as brioches and quick breads. There are hundreds of hints within the main book plus a mini book with little facts and tricks.

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