How to Measure your Kitchen?

Remodelling your kitchen can be an exciting yet frustrating task, being able to design it exactly to your wants and needs while worrying about measurements and fitting everything in. We have created a simple guide to help you to measure out your kitchen ensuring your new remodelled bespoke kitchen fits perfectly within the space.

  1. Sketch the space

Firstly, create a rough sketch of the space that you have available. This does not need to be to scale, however draw a large enough space so that you are able to mark out the other aspects of your kitchen. Mark where your doors and windows are, making sure to sketch the direction that the door swings open.

  1. Mark your zones

Note down specific areas you would like such as a breakfast bar, dining area, worktops etc. If you know where you want to have certain appliances, jot these down either on the sketch directly or by labelling the area and having a list for corresponding numbers. This will give you more space within the sketch without it becoming cluttered and messy to look back on.

  1. Obstructions and added extras

This is where to begin going into the details of your kitchen. Start by drawing in any obstructions such as pipes, radiators etc. that you do not want to move or those cannot be moved. Note existing electrical sockets, switches, gas and water connections, remember these can be moved to suit the new arrangement you desire. Now mark where you would like to add the new sockets and connections. It may be useful to make a side notes of where you would like lighting e.g. over the dining area, spotlights through the main kitchen area.

  1. Measurements

You need to be meticulous when taking the measurements for your kitchen as it could lead to future disasters when trying to fit in appliances and worktops. Break down each of the different sectors of your sketch then go through each sector measuring the different parts of it. Don’t forget to measure the outline of your sketch so you have an idea of the space you have to work with in total, taking into account the windows on the walls. After taking all measurements, measure them again! There is no harm in double checking your measurements.

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