Kitchen Designs from Around the World

We Britain’s are used to the same old type of kitchen, with different adaptations done to them to create our own unique kitchen. However, have we ever wondered what other kitchens around the world are like? Different countries mean different cultures, which means different types of kitchens. Some wealthy countries, like America, have very modern, advanced kitchens, whereas other countries, like India, those who even have stoves are considered lucky. Here we talk about the different kitchens we see around the world, and how their cultures have impacted it.

brazil-kitchenThis photo is taken from a family home in Brazil. As you can see the conditions in the house are very cramped, with the kitchen and the living area most likely being in one place. The kitchen itself is just an old gas cooker with an oven, connected to a gas tank, something we don’t see anymore in the UK. Compared to the kitchens we are used to cooking in, this one is tiny in comparison and must be difficult to cook in! 

pakistan-kitchenThis photo is taken from a home in Pakistan. This is what you would call a makeshift kitchen, where pots and dishes have been placed on top of a table making this their kitchen. As you can see, it will be very difficult to cook that, would it even be possible for us to cook in that?! This kitchen is world apart from what we are used to seeing, but this must be the normal for people living in Pakistan, especially those with less money. It goes to show that although we have the advanced technology, not all countries do.


Another traditional kitchen setting is shown in this picture, taken in a village in India. With the very traditional cookware, the way of cooking the food is also as traditional, using a cook stove. This kitchen culture is different to what we define as a kitchen, with this being much more difficult to operate than our kitchens at home. This very rural kitchen is common across India, with this style of cooking using the stoves being a tradition.


africa-kitchenThis is a traditional on street restaurant in Dar Es Salaam, Africa. The boy seen in the picture is flipping the famous Zanzibar Pizzas, a famous local street food of basically bread filled with a certain filling. Again different to what we call the normal, this is a traditional way of preparing, cooking and serving food, which goes to show that even though the kitchen ware may not be of the best quality, delicious food can still be cooked no matter what.

All these kitchens are very traditional and without the technology we have in our kitchens in this point of time. However, people still can cook food, which shows that if you have a passion for food, you can make the best of any situation.

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