5 Ways How the Modern Kitchen Has Evolved

If there was ever one room that every house couldn’t do without, that would be the kitchen. Regardless of whether you’re the cooking type or the type that stuffs junk in the refrigerator then blames the busy working hours for not cooking, you will always have a kitchen in your home. It is one of the things that has always been a constant in every home. Just like architectural design for homes has improved over the past few years, the kitchen has not been left behind.

The needs of home owners for space and creativity have increasingly become demanding and the evolution shows how kitchens have been able to adapt to these demands.


The most noticeable change in the kitchen has got to be the change in how appliances look. If you remember correctly, appliances back in the day were not only chunky but also noisy and with a very high appetite for energy. For instance, not long ago, it was impossible to have a conversation in the kitchen with the dishwasher running. It took so much space and the noise was a nuisance. The same case applied to refrigerators.

Currently, you have appliances that consume less energy, are appealing to the eye and ones that allow you to actually have a conversation in the kitchen regardless of how many of them are running.

The Worktop

This was previously referred to as the stove. Thanks to advancement in technology, the term has now changed to worktops. The name is not the only thing that has changed. The most noticeable thing about cooktops in the current era is that they are independent of the oven. If you prefer, you can have it on top of the oven. But, you can also designate it to another part of the kitchen especially if you prefer having loads of working space.

Other changes worth noting is the fact that you can now opt for a wide range of options when it comes to heating. The newer and more intriguing one is the induction cooker that leaves a cool and safe surface after the cooking is done.


One of the features that can make or break a functional kitchen in the modern times are the cabinets. But, they didn’t always appear that functional and well organised. In fact, kitchen cabinets could have easily been one of the most hated thing in a kitchen because of how frequently they would smack people on their heads. Nonetheless, despite their change in structure and design, their essence has remained the same.


Marble, quartz, recycled glass, concrete and even laminate; all these are materials that are used to make countertops now. Back in the day, installing a countertop made out of anything else other than wood would have been very expensive. Not only do the new surfaces make the kitchen look more attractive, they also make it more functional and some are actually very durable.


Don’t be fooled. Having custom-made furniture, appliances and kitchen design is a new trend that is just emerging. The only custom-made thing a traditional kitchen would have had is the paint. You could also have opted for a different layout but everything else was just copy and paste. Now you can give your kitchen more of your personal touch and use the space more exhaustively.

There is no questioning the far that the modern kitchen has come. Lessons learnt over the years have been used to fine tune appliances, layouts and maximise on space. Alas, the future is now! Get in touch with CJC Interiors and build your dream kitchen!

5 Reasons Why You Need a New Kitchen

Every home owner thrives on having a great and functional kitchen, as the leading kitchens company in Leicestershire we can help. Even those that don’t cook often. Having a kitchen that fits perfectly into your lifestyle is the perfect complement to a great home and to you. Despite having a functional kitchen, there comes a time when you have to do away with the old and bring in the new. It might hurt considering you might have baked some really nice cookies in that old oven but, with the benefits that come with a new kitchen, such sacrifices are soon forgotten. If you need a reason to gift yourself with a new kitchen, here are five of them that will justify the move.

  1. Putting things away is has now become a puzzle

At first, it was easy to place everything in its place. That showed just how well your kitchen conformed to your needs at the time. After a couple of years collecting great dishes and different must have appliances, you never seem to have enough space. Your kitchen shouldn’t be untidy with appliances and dishes squeezed in on every inch of your countertop. If you find grabbing your baby’s Sippy cup a challenge, then you definitely need to start thinking about getting yourself a new and better kitchen.

  1. Your kitchen appliances are older than you

That old manual timer on your oven sure works great but you should see what other options are on the market currently. You would be disappointed. Thanks to technology, kitchen appliances are not only smarter now but are also more energy efficient. Some will even save you more space while remaining just as useful. By using old appliances, you’re wasting money on energy and, you could be putting your family at risk because of their flimsy nature.

  1. Your family now forms a line to get out of the kitchen

One of the lighter and perhaps the most fun moments is having your kids in the kitchen helping. Not only do they make the job of making meals for everyone else easier, they also make it fun. If, in the process you will step on each other’s toes a couple of times and have to get in a line to get out of the kitchen, you definitely need to think about getting a new kitchen. A squeezed, space-deprived kitchen is a calamity waiting happen and you shouldn’t give it that chance.

  1. You would like to bump up the value of your home before selling

You don’t always need a new kitchen for you. For plenty of home buyers, one of the primary things that they consider before buying a home is the kitchen. The design and spacious nature of this very valuable room determines a lot. It is one of the sure fire ways to make sure you get more from the sale of your home and also make it more lucrative on the market.

  1. Your kitchen is falling apart

As a responsible homeowner and a parent, you should never let the state of your kitchen become deplorable. But, unfortunately for one reason or another, you might find yourself in a fix. Run down table tops, dead appliances, grime all over and discoloured tiles are just among the few hints that will let you know that your kitchen has reached the end of its life line. In such a case, you don’t need much convincing to see that you need a new kitchen and fast.

9 Finishing Touches to Make Your Kitchen Complete

You have put months of time and effort into planning your kitchen, the most part has been completed. The worktops and units have all been fitted however your kitchen is not complete until those small, time-consuming jobs have been completed. If you leave these finishing touches or rush them, your hard work to create your perfect kitchen will be wasted. These are just 9 small finishes touches that are essential to making your kitchen look perfect.

Handles and knobs – Although it may seem like a small thing to worry about, choosing the correct handles and knobs for your cupboards and drawers can make a big difference. Take your time to pick ones that match the look of your kitchen and blend in.

Sockets and switches – Call a professional to install your sockets and switches in neatly and tidily, making sure to have them in place you will definitely need them such as near worktops.

Blinds and curtains – Carefully measure your window before you order any blinds or window coverings, they are a key part of the finished look so choose wisely.

Filler pieces – If your walls are slightly even then you may have some gaps in your kitchen. An easy solution is to use filler pieces. Use a professional kitchen fitter for this to ensure they piece fit in perfectly and discretely.

Grouting – Tiling is the one of the most time-consuming tasks in the kitchen, however, grouting is also absorbing but equally as important. Ideally, the lines will be clean and neat, and the tiles cleaned off afterwards.

Splashbacks – Splashbacks are crucial however are usually forgotten when tiling the walls. It can be a focal point of your room and is important for the area you do most of the cooking.

Sealing – Be careful when doing the sealing around your sink and other areas, messy sealing can make your fittings and fixtures look bad and in the future and is more likely to peel away.

Plinths, cornices and pelmets – These are small touches that are affordable ways to make your cupboards and units look classier and look like they fit better. It can be easy to forget and some think they are not important however we strongly suggest to include them.

Cover panels – An easy way to make your units look like they have a more professional finish is to add cover panels which match with the unit door and drawer fronts.

CJC Interiors Wallpaper

7 Things to Consider Before Designing your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house and it needs to be suited around your lifestyle and family. It is important to take this into account during the planning stage as it can cause a problem in the future. We at CJC Interiors have been providing kitchens in Leicestershire for long enough to know how essential is it to do this as you may end up hating the kitchen you have spent a lot of money on. Here are 7 essential things that you should asking yourself beforehand.

  • Use of the kitchen – Take note of how your family uses your kitchen at the moment, see how everyone like to sit and what they like to do in kitchen. Is it somewhere that you gathering on a regular basis? Or is it somewhere where you only use for cooking.
  • Messiness – The way you cook and clean your kitchen is something you should definitely take into account. For example, it would not be sensible to have a sink right in the centre of an island if it is going to be overflowing with dishes often. You would need a bigger space and maybe space for a dishwasher.
  • Most used area – Note what areas you use the most in the kitchen so you then are able to plan where to put in your task lighting.
  • Mornings – A well planned out kitchen makes mornings feel much easier. Consider what essentials you need you to make run more smoothly and what would slow you down.
  • Workspace – If you cook by yourself you do not need a lot of workspace, however, if you are the type of cook that leaves everything all over the space or have lots of people cooking together, you need to think about where you would want the extra space. You can never have too much worktop space
  • Social gatherings – How often do you have friends or family over for dinner? Do you and your family cook together? If so, then an open plan kitchen may be the best option for you. Islands are great to keep an eye on the kids and encourage socialising.
  • Appliances, utensils etc. – Some homes are full of all types of gadgets, pots and pans and appliances. If you have a home like this, then you are going to need a lot of storage space to keep all of these organised. The storage space will stop your kitchen from looking cluttered.

6 Kitchen Fitting Mistakes to Avoid

Although the general design of your kitchen is very important but the fitting of the kitchen is just as crucial. If your kitchen has not been fitted correctly, then the finish will not look as sleek and tidy. CJC Interiors have been creating kitchens in Leicester and across Leicestershire for many, many years. Our experience has taught us what minor mistakes can make or break your kitchen. If you make sure to get these right, you kitchen will look exceptional.

1) Gaps

If you haven’t measured your kitchen properly, checked for uneven angles or forgot about the strips and fillers, you’ll be left with gaps around your kitchen. This gives it an unprofessional finish and ruin the overall look.

2) Uneven worktops and units

As time-consuming and frustrating as it can be, it is very important to check that levels around your kitchen. A spirit level is your best friend when measuring your kitchen, it ensures that everything is level and all unit are in line with each other. If not checked, once the kitchen is fully fitted, you will notice it and it will drive you mad.

3) Not enough space

Make sure you have the space to open and close your cupboards and drawers without any time of obstruction. Although this is more to do with the design and installation part, it can be covered during the fitting stage.

4) Unprepared walls and floors

Refurbishing your kitchen is not as easy as just taking everything out and then replacing it with new stuff. Use this opportunity to repairs any issues you have with your walls, ceiling and floors, you will not get a chance like this until the next time you do your kitchen.

5) Not measuring properly

Accuracy is key when it comes to fitting a new kitchen. Measure and measure again, and then measure again! You can never be too cautious in getting the figures right. We would recommend using millimetres for a greater accuracy.

6) Incorrect order

Planning out the order in which the kitchen will be built is very important. For example, if you were to fit in the units before the electricals, you would end up with a serious problem of trying to work around the units or having to take them back out. You may want to consult professional kitchen fitter such as CJC Interiors who can provide you with expert advice on how it should be planned out.

5 Ideas for Small Kitchens

We at CJC Interiors have been designing kitchens in Leicester of all sizes for over 30 years. A common problem that some of our customers have is a small kitchen. They believe that having a small kitchen means that they cannot do much with it and there is no room. However, our experience has taught us some tips and tricks that help make the most of your space which we have compiled into a handy guide.

1) Wall mounted storage

A great way to make use of your walls is to install some shelves, hooks and bars onto them. By using S-shaped hooks, you can hook up some of your kitchen tools such as pots and pans. Also, possibly install a magnetic strip for your knives instead of using a knife block that can take up unnecessary space on your counter.

2) Pull out pantry

If you don’t have a room that you can use as a pantry, you could install a pullout pantry. It can be installed in one of the tighter areas in your kitchen such as the space between the fridge and the wall. A pullout pantry is a great place to store your spices, condiments and wine bottle without taking up space in your cupboards.

3) Use the colour white and add mirrors

A kitchen that is all white creates an illusion of spaciousness and seamless blends in with the walls and floor. However, an all-white kitchen may not be ideal for some, so mix in different shades such as ivory and creams which creates the same effect. Another benefit of white is that it goes with everything! So you don’t have to worry about any clashes.

4) Minimalist hardware

The small things really do make a big difference. By removing bulky handles and knobs, it adds a sleeker look to your kitchen. Also an option that may not be ideal for all is to remove the door. Removing the door is an effective yet easy way to make the room look like there is much more space. Choose appliances of a sizes that are suitable for your kitchen, large cookers and fridges take up unnecessary space.

5) Mirrors and glass doors

Mirrors can help make the room look twice the size, so it can be a good idea to use mirrors as backsplashes. This will help reflect the light and the view, making the space look more open. Glass cupboards doors lead the eyes into the depth of the cupboards as well as giving it a lighter look.

Using these tips and tricks we hope that we have opened your eyes to possibilities for your kitchen, and with our help we can find even more solutions catered to you.

Why should you get a 21st Century Kitchen

An old, severely used kitchen is never a pleasure to cook in. With the hanging cupboards doors, less efficient appliances, it may put you off cooking for a while. A kitchen needs to match the style of you and your cooking, that’s why we are here to help you achieve that.

There are many advantages as to why upgrading your kitchen may benefit you in the longer run. Although it may seem like a costly thing to do, in the long run it will be more cost effective for you. Newer, more modern appliances are now more energy efficient, therefore, are less money to run when compared to older appliances. Hence, in the long term, it is better to renew your kitchen, as bills will reduce etc, making it cheaper overall. Also, by upgrading your kitchen appliances, you’ll have better equipment to use. This means that you will be able to use new and advance appliances to create your favourite dishes, making it a pleasure to cook.

Also, as the years go by, your kitchen may become unsafe for you. This is as the older appliances and as such can be hazardous without you realising. Therefore, by upgrading your kitchen, you will be also ensuring your safety in the kitchen is at it’s utmost it can be.

By upgrading your kitchen to a newer, more unique kitchen suiting to this century and your style, it will encourage you more to get into that kitchen and whip up something delicious! When we buy a new piece of clothing, we want to wear it and show it off to everyone, likewise with a new kitchen, you will immediately want to show it off but also use it! A 21st Century kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean a modern, out of this world kitchen. If a traditional kitchen is what your heart is going towards, it will still have the appliances and a feel of a modern, updated kitchen, whilst still holding the traditional kitchen vibe.

Who wouldn’t want a new kitchen? With our help we can help you achieve your dream kitchen goal at affordable prices, with our bespoke designs and ideas that will cater for all. By having a 21st Century kitchen, you can have all the perks you would only dream of, due to the advances in technology. We at CJC kitchens strive for perfection and make sure you will never be disappointed with the service and job we provide to you. Give us a call now for more information about our quality kitchen designs and fittings.

5 Movies to inspire you in the kitchen

As the leading kitchens companies in Leicester, movies have an been inspiration to all in some way, like dance movies encourage you to start dancing, and likewise films in relation to food and cooking may inspire you in the kitchen to work your magic, which you may not know you have! Here’s our top 5 films which we think have inspired us to cook and build a kitchen worthy of it.

  • Julie & Julia – this feel inspires the inner chef within you. Julie & Julia is about how Julie Powell, a blogger, accepts the challenge of Julia Child, of cooking every single recipe from her first cookbook. Based on a memoir from the blogger, this film makes us wonder how Julie cooked 527 recipes in her tiny kitchen, showing no matter what your kitchen is like, you can cook as much as you like!
  • Ratatouille – making a film about a rat being a top chef isn’t something normal, but this Pixar film goes to show that if a rat can cook, I’m sure we can cook as well! This critically acclaimed film showed how a rat climbed his way up to the top, with the help of the beloved garbage boy to cook of course. This film inspires people to get and start cooking, and with our help, you can get a kitchen to match!
  • Chef (2014) – this film makes us believe that no matter what the kitchen is, a cook can whip up anything almost anywhere. After being fired, a top chef tries to reignite his career by creating Cuban sandwiches in a food truck. This film reignites our hope and faith in our skills in cooking, although we would prefer cooking in an upscale restaurant over a food truck! However this film shows that no matter what your kitchen style maybe, the food can still be of a 5 star quality.
  • Super Size Me – this film made you think twice about that McDonalds you have been craving. A documentary shows the director, Morgan Spurlock, just having a diet consisting of fast food, particularly McDonalds, for a whole month, showing the harsh effects of such a diet. This film inspires you to stay in and cook a hearty healthy meal over quickly nipping to the nearest take out place, encouraging that healthy cooking in your homely kitchen is the way forward.
  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi – Based on passion and dedication, this film will remind you the extent some people will go to to present the best food that’s possible for them. This film explores the best sushi chef Jiro Ono, and how he runs his acclaimed sushi bar in a subway shop in Tokyo with his son. With his passion and drive being shown throughout, this film encourages for us to get into the kitchen and whip up something with passion!

These films to us inspire us to go and cook something that would be applause worthy, in of course, our kitchens. No matter what size or type of kitchen you have, the love and effort put into the food made is what will be seen. If you want a kitchen to match your style of food, we are here to help and will guide you every step of the way.

Best Celebrity Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and for celebrities, it’s where they can show off their other skills! As the leaders in proving kitchens in Leicester, here we give you the top 5 celebrity kitchens we believe are worth applauding and a dream to cook in!

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

John-Legends-KitchenThis very modern kitchen has many aspects that shine out immediately. The big gold stools, bright big chandeliers and unique bookcase within the kitchen make this kitchen an envy for everyone! The kitchen is modern yet has an antique feel to it, with all the little details added to it, such as the intricate designs on the dining chairs, adding that little extra to the kitchen. The modern yet unique look makes this kitchen an inspiration for all.

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto-Cavalli-kitchenRoberto Cavailli’s traditional but stylish kitchen is one for everyone to know about. This traditional Italian kitchen has a very rustic and old feeling yet with the interesting colour scheme of yellow and black, this kitchen stands out against them all. The little details such as the intricate black chandelier and silverware detail on the wall give this kitchen an extra edge, making this kitchen a unique one.


Lauren Conrad


This all white, sophisticated kitchen is very easy on the eye. Lauren Conrad’s kitchen design is very airy and simple, yet is one that many people would dream to have. This large, spacious kitchen makes it easy to move around, with a large window giving a beautiful view to see. The simplicity of this kitchen is what makes it desirable, with the minimalistic features attracting us to it.

Lady Gaga 


Lady GaGa’s grey themed kitchen is a desirable one to say the least. The big open space around the kitchen makes it an enjoyable experience to cook in and the rustic wooden dining table adds a country effect to the kitchen. With the hanging lamps over the breakfast table and the delicate chandelier add to the kitchen to create a rustic yet modern feel to the kitchen, making it a desire for all to have!



Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi


This homely, cute kitchen of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi proves that bigger isn’t always better! The warmth of the fireplace, intricate design on the rug and the homely features make this kitchen more of a second home too most. What stands out is the interesting wooden ceiling, a unique piece that makes this kitchen something special.

With these celebrity inspirations, we hope you gain some inspiration to create something different for your kitchen, with us helping you every step of the way to make it happen.

Kitchen Designs from Around the World

We Britain’s are used to the same old type of kitchen, with different adaptations done to them to create our own unique kitchen. However, have we ever wondered what other kitchens around the world are like? Different countries mean different cultures, which means different types of kitchens. Some wealthy countries, like America, have very modern, advanced kitchens, whereas other countries, like India, those who even have stoves are considered lucky. Here we talk about the different kitchens we see around the world, and how their cultures have impacted it.

brazil-kitchenThis photo is taken from a family home in Brazil. As you can see the conditions in the house are very cramped, with the kitchen and the living area most likely being in one place. The kitchen itself is just an old gas cooker with an oven, connected to a gas tank, something we don’t see anymore in the UK. Compared to the kitchens we are used to cooking in, this one is tiny in comparison and must be difficult to cook in! 

pakistan-kitchenThis photo is taken from a home in Pakistan. This is what you would call a makeshift kitchen, where pots and dishes have been placed on top of a table making this their kitchen. As you can see, it will be very difficult to cook that, would it even be possible for us to cook in that?! This kitchen is world apart from what we are used to seeing, but this must be the normal for people living in Pakistan, especially those with less money. It goes to show that although we have the advanced technology, not all countries do.


Another traditional kitchen setting is shown in this picture, taken in a village in India. With the very traditional cookware, the way of cooking the food is also as traditional, using a cook stove. This kitchen culture is different to what we define as a kitchen, with this being much more difficult to operate than our kitchens at home. This very rural kitchen is common across India, with this style of cooking using the stoves being a tradition.


africa-kitchenThis is a traditional on street restaurant in Dar Es Salaam, Africa. The boy seen in the picture is flipping the famous Zanzibar Pizzas, a famous local street food of basically bread filled with a certain filling. Again different to what we call the normal, this is a traditional way of preparing, cooking and serving food, which goes to show that even though the kitchen ware may not be of the best quality, delicious food can still be cooked no matter what.

All these kitchens are very traditional and without the technology we have in our kitchens in this point of time. However, people still can cook food, which shows that if you have a passion for food, you can make the best of any situation.