Top 5 Kitchen Worktops

The durability and appearance are equally important when it comes to a kitchen worktop. It needs to fit in with your theme colour and style wise while still being strong enough to handle daily use. As the leading worktop fitters in Leicester, at CJC Interiors understand how confusing it can get to pick the right one for you, hence we have created a list of the top 5 Kitchen Worktops that you could possibly use.

1. Composite

Composite worktops are very strong and more durable than many other natural stones. It is of a very practical material as well as beautiful than can be anywhere around the kitchen such as around the sink or next to the hob. If you are looking to create a traditional kitchen, we would recommend using neutral colours, whereas for contemporary kitchen dark blues and grey look fantastic. Composite worktops simply need to be wiped to avoid marks and can be sanded down if any scratches occur as the colour runs through the material.

2. Laminate

Laminate worktops are very low maintenance and can perfectly mimic other worktop materials such as slate, mood and granite to match your kitchen. However, they are dependent on the quality of the laminate. They are resistant to most chemicals and stains however ones from the lower end of the market are prone to heat damage and are not suitable for a cutting surface.

3. Stone

Stone worktops can be expensive however they would make a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Granite is one of the most popular stone worktops that customers think of however there are many other types of stone you can use such as limestone, marble and stale. Remember that different types of stone require different care so be sure to check that the stone would be suitable for your kitchen.

4. Glass

Glass work surfaces work best in contemporary kitchens either around the sink or possibly as a feature worktop in smaller kitchens to give the impression of space since its reflective surface. They do need to be frequently wiped to remove fingerprint and water marks, nevertheless they are very hygienic since there are fewer joint to trap dirt.

5. Corian

Corian can be formed into any shape that you require without the unattractive joints and bends. It is low maintenance and can be cleaned using a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Corian is great to use in wet areas as it is water and stain resistant and is available in many colours. Pale shades work well in traditional kitchens and bright colours integrate into modern and contemporary kitchens. Similar to granite, scratches can be sanded down.

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