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Why choose a Bespoke Kitchen?

A kitchen is not something that you purchase every day, every month or every year for that matter. Majority of people probably remodel and renovate their kitchen once or twice in the whole time that they live in the particular home. Hence, when you do decide to remodel, you want a kitchen to last you for as long as possible. Bespoke kitchens are great way to ensure this and it is designed and created to your needs and requirements. As one of the leading bespoke kitchen companies in Leicester, we reveal why you should choose a bespoke kitchen?

With pre-build kitchen there may be aspects that you love however are unhappy with the material. With the variety of materials available such as granite, wood and composite, you are able to pick and choose exactly what you want without compromise. All of the materials we use at CJC Interiors are of the highest quality, guaranteed to last you and withstand the daily use.

The great thing about bespoke kitchens is the ability to fit around any shapes and awkward obstructions you may have. Very few kitchens are of a perfect quadrilateral shape, varying in many different sizes making it hard to pick a pre-built exactly within your space. By designing a bespoke kitchen, every inch of your space can be used to its maximum! All worktops, cupboards and fittings will be made to measure to be seamlessly fit in your space. Common obstacles include boilers, hatches, windows, uneven walls just to name a few. A bespoke kitchen work around there and can also be hidden within your storage.

When you look at your kitchen with all the current fittings and appliances, it is very hard to imagine where things could go because you are unable to see just much space you have. By designing your kitchen as completely empty space, you’ll be shocked at just how much you could do with it. We can advise you on how to maximise this space even further, adding in extra storage possibilities and modern features.

At CJC Interiors we can help you for the entire process, using 3D software to design your perfect kitchen to installing it bring your space to life. Our team of professionals deliver quality results as well as high customer service.

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